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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Jerk Store: Feb. 22, 2012

Yes, once again, there is plenty to choose from on the "shelves" of the Jerk Store.  Here are the nominees for this week:

Karl Hess:  He tosses Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani out of the gym at an NC State home game--via police escort.  Honestly, can you imagine him trying that stunt at Cameron Indoor or the Dean Dome?  Roy or Coach K would grab the chord for his whistle and go Godfather on him.

Jimmy Johnson - If he cheated by altering his car, that's a crime.  Jimmy Johnson has had a fairly successful NASCAR career.  It's hard to imagine that he has a need to cheat at this point.
     However, that's not why he's in the Jerk Store.  He's here for forcing The Home-Field Advantage to talk about NASCAR.  It's making us want to go out and make left turns all day.

Pittsburgh Pirates - You have money to spend, and you choose to spend it on AJ Burnett?  Losing season #20 is rapidly approaching...

Jason Whitlock - Jason Whitlock is a great columnist.  And he often states that his columns are separate from his "Twitterverse" personality.  Um, sorry, Jason, that doesn't work.  And one would assume that he would be a little more sensitive about using racial stereotypes, even in a bad joke.
     As if the comment wasn't bad enough, the apology was a little lacking as well.  Whitlock says that he "debased a feel-good moment in sports."  How about the fact that you debased a human being?  Seems to carry a little more weight than a moment.

Brady Quinn - Listen, there are plenty of reasons for criticism of Tim Tebow's performance on the field.  None of those should be offered by Brady Quinn!  Any quarterback who gets cut by the Cleveland Browns officially loses his right to critique the play of...well...anyone.

Got a nominee?  Hit us up on Twitter (@TheRev78 and @JohnnyUtah84) or leave us a comment!

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