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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Jerk Store: Feb. 1, 2012

Yes, there is never a shortage of jerks in sports.  And since we have enough of them to do our "Jerk Store" segment each week, we thought that we would put them in the blog just so you can have a "record" of them and comment.

As always, you can leave your weekly Jerk Store nominees in a comment or send us a tweet: @TheRev78 or @JohnnyUtah84.

Here is a list of our store "merchandise" for February 1:

1.  Jim Irsay, "DimTwit" of the Week - He jumped all over Peyton Manning for "disrespecting the horse shoe" by making public comments regarding the Colts.  Maybe if Irsay would get off his Twitter account for two seconds, Manning might actually have a conversation with HIM rather than the media.
     Oh, and who did Irsay talk to regarding his issues with Manning?  The very same members of the media that he didn't want Manning talking to in the first place.

2.  Ben Roethlisberger - Stop complaining about who the coach/offensive coordinator is.  You're stubborn and you don't like change, but every change made in Pittsburgh since 2004 has benefitted you. Keep your mouth shut, learn the playbook, and stay out of public restrooms.  That's your job in the offseason.

3.  NFL Media Day - We love looking at Inez Sainz.  We will be more than happy to view photos of her.  We do not want to see, hear, or witness any event where she actually has media credentials.

4.  ESPN - Honestly, there are sports stories out there other than Belicheck making a funny, Rob Gronkowski's ankle, and anything involving someone named "Manning."

5.  Angry Callers - Our partner Matt Smith is one of the nicest guys in the world.  Why do people hate on the guy that we affectionately know as "Smitty?"  Seriously, get some counseling.  Or, if you want to fight with someone you fight with ME! (go to about the 50 second mark)

6.  Clemson fans who blame the officiating - You lost.  You lose games.  It happens.  Get over it.  Stop blaming the referees for EVERY SINGLE GAME that Clemson loses.

7.  FAN NOMINEE Chad Kelly, "DimTwit" of the Week II - It's amazing how everyone is a big talker before they actually have to step onto the field against college competition.  This isn't Buffalo HS football or 7on7 drills anymore, son!

8.  FAN NOMINEE Pittsburgh Penguins Medical Staff - Seriously, how does a medical team from the world-renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center miss the fact that Sidney Crosby has a BROKEN NECK???

If you have nominees for next week, leave us a reply or hit us up on Twitter.

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