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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jerk Store, Feb. 9-15

Well, as usual, there is no shortage of merchandise in this week's Jerk Store.  But the shelves do seem to be unusually full this week!  Here are the nominees.  Who would you pick as Jerk of the Week, and who are your nominations for next week?

Send us a tweet @TheRev78 or @JohnnyUtah84; or leave a comment with your thoughts. This week's merchandise:

Jordan Jefferson – For criticizing the coaching and play-calling by LSU in the BCS title game.  Our advice to Jefferson:  Just keep collecting more free pairs of shoes, keep your mouth shut and run the play that’s called.  The HFA has no sympathy for players that start the season on suspension as a Jerk Store nominee.

Mike Slive – The self-serving greed of college sports starts at the top!  The SEC Commisioner who came up with the +1 idea is now saying “Hold everything!”  When he realized that he could get TWO teams from his conference into the current title game, the BCS suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

Ray Maualuga – He was arrested and charged with assault.  But come one, he is a Bengal.  He’s simply fulfilling the terms of his contract to have some kind of run-in with the law.  (And spare me the Ben Roethlisberger reference here—I know he’s a jerk!  But to Steeler fans like me, he’s “our” jerk).

Roddy White – He’s mad that the commissioner of the NFL is making 20 large, just to be in charge of a multi-BILLION dollar industry.  Check out his quotes: Roddy White led the league in dropped passes this year.  So apparently, he’s ALSO getting paid and he’s only doing one of the three.


Floyd Mayweather – In the great tradition of Dr. King and Muhammed Ali, Mayweather is passing along valuable social commentary.  He tweeted that “Linsanity” only exists because it’s not a “black thing.”  Wonder how he’d feel if someone tweeted that ducking Manny Pacquio was the same thing?

Jim Irsay – Do we really need to say anything here?  He’s not only in the Jerk Store, he’s also a nominee for Hypocrite of the Year.  Keep in mind that all this guy has done is inherit a team from his daddy…who, by the way, packed up the team and moved them to Indianapolis in the middle of the night.  Nice legacy!

Abel Olivares – The parent of a cheerleader at Cypress Woods (TX) High School got a video from his daughter.  The video showed the cheerleading coach calling the girls a bunch of “hifaluting heifers.”  He promptly had the coach FIRED from her job.  Just for the record:  I would have LOVED to be called something as nice as a “hifaluting heifer” when I was playing high school sports!  While we’re at it, let’s toss the principal and the school board into the Jerk Store as well.

Wild Style's Nominees:
News 7 - For not accepting the Wild Style Reality Show.

Vance Russo – For ruining WCW.

Jerry Reinsdorf - For not trading Carlos Boozer.

SCHigh School League & NCAA- For, well, just being who they are.

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